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3rd June 2023


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BBC Africa News

Is Ivory Coast at risk from extremist groups?

There are concerns that violent extremists are expanding their activities to northern Ivory Coast. A report by the Institute for Security Studies says that these groups have found ways to finance their activities, particularly along the border which West Africa's largest economy shares with Burkina Faso. A landmark case in Rivers State in southern Nigeria gives women the right to inherit property. What does this mean in practice? And the museum in the Netherlands which tells the story behind looted artefacts through the centuries.

Covid Vaccines: South Africa "bullied" into paying more

A South African group advocating for a more inclusive and equal health system says the nation paid more for Covid vaccines in comparsion with countries in the European Union. Concern mounts as violence between Eritrean rival groups from the migrant coummunity spreads internationally. And we visit of Africa's largest museums, the Bardo museum in Tunisia as it re-opens to the public.

Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger sign defence pact

Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, three West African countries in the Sahel region which are ruled by military juntas, have signed a defence pact to come to aid each other in case of any rebellion or external aggression. BBC Africa Eye investigation team gets a look inside a xenophobic vigilante group in South Africa. And how cheetahs from Namibia are now faring in India.

Libya floods: Impact on migrants

Thousands of migrants are among those affected by the floods in Libya. More than 11,000 people are known to have died and the death toll continues to rise. Gambian lawmakers have been calling for the repeal of the law which criminalises Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) citing religious and cultural reasons. We speak to Isatou Touray. Gambia's former Vice President. And Nigeria is the first African nation to join the Invictus Games. The event is a chance for participants suffering from physical and psychological trauma to compete in the international competition. We speak to Peacemaker Azuegbulam who won the first gold medal for his country in powerlifting.


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Ginger Juice


Ginger juice 

A very exotic refreshment for hot days. 

Origin: West Africa 

Quantity: 3 liters 



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Pilau originates from India. It has become a favorite Tanzanian rice dish. Pilau has a very unique taste. Although in Tanzania it is traditionally cooked with chicken, I prefer to use chicken broth and then serve the dish with a simple chicken stew.


• 1 cup Basimati rice

• 2 tbsp olive oil

• ¼ cup Onions

• 1 tbsp Crushed garlic • 1 tbsp Pilau masala

• 2 to 3 cups Chicken broth (boiling)

• 1/2… Continue

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