This book is centered on the world famous “Fascinating Womanhood Course”, the main character in the book is Angela a woman who’s husband left her and how she is able to bring him back home after following the steps in Fascinating womanhood course, it’s quite a powerful storyline.  Let me share with you the tips in this book briefly;

  1. Secret Number One  ~ Accept Him .. Look at His good side. This secret is a man’s SECOND important need, accept him as he is and do not try and change him. Accept all his habits, his weaknesses, his dreams, or lack of them, and his beliefs. You accept him as another human being, part good, part bad, just like yourself. Woman want to change their man but forcing a man to change only creates problems. Reason why it creates problems is because by trying to change and improve him we are telling him that we are not satisfied with him as he is . By forcing him and constantly nagging him to change you are wounding his sensitive male ego. He knows His weaknesses but he needs you to admire his strengths, not draw attention to his weaknesses. Your husband needs your admiration like you need his love.  When you try and change him, he feels just as you would feel if he told you outright to your face that he didn’t love you anymore. It saps his self- confidence and his manhood. He may even feel unworthy of you and this may breed resentment towards you. The more you pressure him, the more he resists changing. When you try and change your husband he will tend to spend more time away from home. He will seek out the company of those who do accept him. If you accept him as he is, your husband will most likely improve himself. Real change comes from within; it must be his idea, he must want to do it for you. Remember, he knows his faults. The more a man loves you, the more he will want to please you. A man will go to unbelievable lengths to please a woman he loves.
  2. Secret Number two ~ Admire his masculine qualities, never wound his sensitive pride .. This secret is the most powerful of all the secrets of fascinating womanhood and applying this secret can produce some amazing results why? Because admiration is the food of a man’s soul. He needs it daily, he yearns for it. He craves it, men will even give their lives for it. On the other hand, failing to keep this law, and wounding your husband’s sensitive male pride causes him to suffer deep hurt. Man have a in-built strong God given pride that drives them to want to lead, to protect and to provide for woman. God has programmed it into men so to speak. A man’s in- born masculine pride is so sensitive, that if challenged by a woman, the hurt cuts him deep like a knife. This often results in anger and harshness. Sometimes it results in physical violence, but more often in deep resentment. A man just cannot bear to have his fragile and sensitive pride belittled or ridiculed by his wife or any other woman. Remember “a man needs to feel loved but not as much as he needs to feel admired and a woman needs to feel admired, but not as much as she needs to feel loved”.
  3. Secret Number three ~ Make Him number One ..  Comfort him tenderly when he is tired and discouraged. Try and appreciate the heavy responsibility your husband carries throughout his life , especially his working life, use the power of great sympathy. Comfort him lovingly when he comes home weary and do not raise problems until after he has eaten.
  4. Secret number four ~ Allow him to lead .. Your husbands God given role is to lead you and provide for you, allow him to do it.  Your role is to be his companion, a mother and a homemaker. Allowing your husband to lead you and provide for you by his own efforts alone, greatly enhances his masculinity. Remember that is the most pleasant feeling a man can have, he likes to feel that you depend on him. The more dependent on your husband you appear to be, the more tender and caring he will tend to feel towards you.
  5. Secret number five ~ Inner Serenity .. This secret teaches us how to create within ourselves, two spiritual qualities. Qualities that men deeply admire; your husband wants you to be a better person than himself. Goodness and inner serenity are required in a woman for a man to love her deeply. Inner serenity develops in a woman when she becomes free of pride and self- righteousness, always does and says the right thing, is free of guilt, and has a forgiving heart.  When a woman is cheerful and serene her husbands love knows no bounds.
  6. Secret number six ~ Enjoy your homemaking .. Your God given role is that of a mother and home maker. Enjoy it. Motherhood is the most noble and important work on earth. Enjoy the satisfaction of raising happy secure children. Men respect motherhood. Allow time to enjoy your homemaking, It is a life-long career. Do it well.
  7. Secret number seven ~ Make the most of yourself .. make the most of your figure, your hair and your health. To men our bodies and our hair are part of our personalities. They can have very powerful influences on their love for us. You can’t separate a man from his sexuality. It’s interwoven into his nature. It’s a constant part of him. When a woman combines cheerful enthusiasm, child-like humility, femininity, the sex appeal of an “hour glass figure” and appealing hair, she becomes highly delightful creature to a man, almost irresistible, especially when she smiles. Obtain some good nutrition books and check your diet carefully to see if your getting all the necessary nutrients. Minerals and exercise are especially important. Good health brings out qualities in a woman that are highly attractive to a man. Such as; fresh complexion, shiny hair, vivaciousness, sparkling eyes, liveliness, cheerful voice and optimism.
  8. Secret number eight ~ Femininity delights a man ..  Depending on him arouses his love. Many woman still make the mistake of acting like men, to try and win a man’s love and respect. It just doesn’t work, in fact it has the opposite effect. Masculine behaviour in a woman repels most men; but a truly feminine woman, a woman who acts femininely, is highly attractive and delightful to a man.
  9. Secret number nine ~ Just ask with a smile .. to obtain your wants from your husband, just ask with a smile, as a young girl asks her father.  Respect his position of leadership, a man will go to great lengths to satisfy the desires of  the woman he loves. The more submissive and dependent on him she is, the greater will be his desire to please her.
  10. Secret number ten ~ Handle anger femininely .. Handle anger in a feminine and childlike manner. Be humble and honest when you express your emotions. Men respect a spirited woman one who will get angry and stand up for her rights, as long as she does it in a non- challenging, feminine way.  Show anger against your husband only when you have been clearly mistreated. Express it in a feminine, childlike way that allows him to feel manly and protective.               Download the e-book here for free:secret of fascinating woman.pdf

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Comment by Wambui Njau on October 29, 2012 at 13:36

Thank you Evelyn,

What a great read especially for the young brides.


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