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Let us discuss as AWE members the effects of Child Marriage.  There is an urgent need for all Women to contribute in making awareness of CHILD MARRIAGE and stopping this cruel and violation of a child rights, compromising the development of girls and often resulting in the following effects:- 

  • premature pregnancy,
  • social isolation,
  • permanent pychological damage, 
  • Physical damage to a young growing girl.
  • Poverty
  • early death whilst giving birth.
  • More abuse and Violence.


I attended a conference a few months back in the house of Commons in UK and we had a presentation from a gynaecology, to see the damage that child marriage does to a growing 13 year old girl.  It left me feeling sick and saddened that this still happens in the 21st century. A parent who has carried their daughter for 9 months, understands the pain of child bearing and putting your 12 year old to this ordeal at such a tender age, leaving her traumatised is unacceptable. All in the name of culture and religious grounds.

According to UNICEF- 60% of child marriage occurs in poor homestead and mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa and Bangladesh.

We need to raise our voice for the sake of young girls who have no voice because of culture and ignorance.  I pray that this will also end child abuse in all forms even for young boys.

We need to hear your voice, and partaking in this discussion.   Please share your views.

Have you been involved in Child Marriage? We would like to hear from you.


 See chat on stistics by UNICEF.

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Comment by Evelyn Corrado on April 23, 2014 at 15:28

Yes, child labour, child marriage and child abuse is very prevalent in Africa, but sometimes we are all blinded by our own goals to make it in life and we rarely identify neither  speak out  for those suffering in our midst.

My eyes' opened after reading Priscilla's book ' Stolen childhood,3C's ' and also after watching a true story about an Eritrean girl who was given out by her father to be a child soldier in the 1990's but she managed to escape, she lives in Norway now. But these stories made me remember when i was growing up there were some girls in my village who got pregnant and everybody scorned them...but now looking back they were  very poor, helpless and most likely they must have been raped or forced into such circumstances...but there was no-one there to help them or voice their issues.

I agree with you ladies, that Education and Speaking out for the Weak is a good way to beat the vice. Keep up the good work;

Comment by A.W.E on April 16, 2014 at 17:52

Hi all 

I agree with both of you. It is a good reason to support organisations like UNICEF by airing our views. Let us know how we can support this cause. If you have information of pro and con we can add it here on AWE to inform our members. We also have blog talk radio show to discuss this with the professionals.

Comment by Wambui Njau on April 11, 2014 at 22:44

Hi Jane,

Yes, it is the women who need to be educated. They are the ones who encourage their girls to get marriedd at an early stage.

This topic will be one of our main discussion in our next event bringing awareness to child marriage and what AWE can be part of this change to protect our innocent young girls.

Comment by JANE NJOKI NURTON on April 10, 2014 at 16:11

It is sad that this kind of thing is still going on in this day and age.  It is important to educate the women so that they can also rise up against this evil being visited on their innocent children.  Women can do so much to change their society!  

I hope governments across these poor countries can find a way to stop this evil, but awareness is the first step.


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