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Seasons greetings to all!


Life never turns out the way we expect in each year, but for now, let us reflect on 2012 which is about to end.

Do you have any news that you would like to share with us for 2012!

  • Did you achieve your resolutions?
  • Any reflections in your life?
  • Good news or achievements in 2012 to share with us?
  • Gratitude to God, a friend/s, a group, organisation, or partner that saw you through in 2012?
  • Difficult times that you experienced?
  • Maybe you have a story to tell us? or an event that changed your life?

We would like to hear from you.


The website is for building, supporting each other and making friendship. Let us do that by sharing our news.


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Comment by A.W.E on December 31, 2012 at 18:45

Good by 2012 and welcome 2013

2012 was the most challenging year in my life.  Sorry AWE members I was not around so much to attend the website.

2013 main goal is to get back to my feet again and face all my challenges wisely with God’s help.

Comment by Evelyn Corrado on December 31, 2012 at 15:00

I am greatful to God to reach the end of 2012 healthy, happy and blessed. It was my first year of marriage, which was exciting and a blessing having someone to love and love me back, to take care of me and to share life with. In marriage i also had a few lessons like dealing with inlaws and also i had to learn & re-learn patience and putiing others' first, especially after being single for a long time. But i think i have done well so far and will keep the lessons. I went on few holidays abroad which were great.

2012 i embarked on Christian ministry, being a cell leader, we had great breakthroughs and a wonderful time and also a few challanges. Through it all we celebrated a wonderful christmas end of year party which was traditional oriented; we had 10 different countries of origin which made it event ful( traditional dishes and dresses.

2012 i also embarked on my dream and started EV-ONLINE COUNSELLING SERVICES; the services was free through out the year. I helped and empowered several individuals and the organisation also grew to have a subsidiary in Kenya which is inspiring young people in kenya and helping them deal with life challanges.

I also had an oppotunity to share my thoughts and knowledge through facebook, email and AWE on issues that are oftenly ignored and subdued but affect our society like Marriage problems, depresion, child protection,cancer and loneliness in london. Moreover i enjoyed sharing ideas and discussions with ladies on AWE.

i am looking forward to 2013 with a smile and an expectant heart, that God will bless me and others to have a wonderful and productive a year. I wish you all a blessed 2013 and welcome to London Awards in June. 

For counselling visit www.ev-onlinecounselling.com


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