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Hi AWE members,


Let us discuss as AWE members the effects of Child Marriage.  There is an urgent need for all Women to contribute in making awareness of CHILD MARRIAGE and stopping this cruel and violation of a child rights, compromising the development of girls and often resulting in the following effects:- 

  • premature pregnancy,
  • social isolation,
  • permanent pychological damage, 
  • Physical damage to a young growing…

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Hi ladies,


Seasons greetings to all!


Life never turns out the way we expect in each year, but for now, let us reflect on 2012 which is about to end.

Do you have any news that you would like to share with us for 2012!

  • Did you achieve your resolutions?
  • Any reflections in your life?
  • Good news or achievements in 2012 to share with us?
  • Gratitude to God, a…

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African Women and Politics


Did you know that women in Rwanda now top the world rankings of women in national parliaments, with 49 per cent of representation compared to a world average of 15.1 per cent. Rwandan women suffered death, humiliation, persecution and sexual abuse during a 100-day massacre that left more than 800,000 people dead.

As the country undergoes a period of reconstruction, women are taking an active…


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Breast Cancer Campaign, WEAR IT PINK DAY on 29th OCT FRIDAY 2010!





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Your Thoughts on Kenya's new Constitution

Hi all,

I wish to say how impressed and glad that the Kenyan referrendum was conducted in such a peaceful manner. It shows how much Kenyans have matured in understanding democracy and their rights.

So many came out old and young to vote for the new constitution in Kenya.

Personally I was supporting the YES vote as its about time that we bring in some new changes to our country.

Example of Constitutions that impressed me were:

  • To catch…

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Race for life- Cancer Research

Dear ladies,
Just to let you all know I took part in the Race for Life event last Sunday supporting Cancer Research.…

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African Women and Golf!

Hi all,

I joined a Golf association group here in UK for both men and Women but unfortunately there are only 2 women members in this particular club. Myself and another lady.

I have been learning to play Golf and I was brave enough to take part in the tournament last week.

The bad news is that I was the only woman golfer playing with 23 men.(depends how you take it!) the good news is that since I had no woman competitor I scooped the Golf association Lady winner… Continue

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Mothers Day in UK - 22nd March

Its mothers day this Sunday the 22nd of March in UK.

I get a warning from our 7 year old and 14 year old children in the very early hours of morning, not to get out of bed until they serve me a cup of tea and sometimes a full english breakfast!!

We then prepare for Sunday service and on our way into church, there are other children with little bunch of spring flowers to give to all Mothers as a thank you for all their care and love throughout the year.

What… Continue

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