Coconut Cassava (Muhongo wa Nazi)

Coconut Cassava is my favourite dish. I can eat it for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, love it, love it!! Do you have your favourite dish? Tell us about it...but here is mine..


In the coast of Kenya, it is a popular dish and they call it in Muhongo wa Nazi.



-Small chopped onions.

-Peel the Cassava and cut into small pieces.

-1 cup/can of light Coconut Milk

-1 cup/can of cream Coconut Milk

-Salt to Tast

optional- Corriander and Chilli peppers.


In a Sauce Pan, add the small chopped cassava pieces and light coconut Milk, add the chopped onions and season with a pinch of salt. Bring it to the boil for 5 minutes on medium heat or until the milk has almost evaporated.

Add the Cream Coconut Milk and boil it for another 5 minutes. You can add the corriander and green chillies if you wish. Do not let the milk evaporate completely, wait for the dish to cool a bit.



Last updated by Wambui Njau Aug 15, 2011.


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