My good friend Dr Baba Inusa a consultant paediatrician and with a passion for eradication and improvement on medical for Sickle Cell sufferer has been explaining to me the pains and discomforts of this illness which is hereditary. He founded SCORE to help research on this illness.

In 2010 Dr Inusa attended the AWE event in London and presented a Video and talked about how we can all get involved in ensuring this disease does not spread.


Collaboration for world-class research to promote best practice in the diagnostics and management of Sickle Cell Disease. 

Together we can do more. We can drive reform to ensure that patients and families living with sickle cell disease are better served to achieve the best quality of life. are To give focused intensive support to empower indigenous scientists transform their communities through research.

- SCD is one of the most common inherited disorder in the world with over 75% of all newborn in sub Saharan Africa.

- About 5% of the worlds population carry the trait for haemoglobin disorders 300,000 new births with SCD per year! Did you know that?? cause I dint.

- SCD is a public health problem that demands a well-orchestrated strategy for the benefit of the less privileged in Society.

Do you have any members of your family or yourself suffering from this illness? Please share with members to increase awareness on how you cope.

I will be attending a conference in Abuja organised by SCORE to support  Dr Inusa and to understand more about the illness and how we here in Europe can play a part in its eradication. I have raced for a long time to raise money for Cancer Research and we can see the improvement of treatment for cancer suffferers. Let us now race for Sickle Cell sufferers to raise money for better medical and complete eradication of this illness.

Patients with sickle cell disease require comprehensive care. Since sickle cell disease is a chronic illness that affects many systems in the body, it is essential that children and adults have a system of care that includes primary care physicians, hematologists, pediatricians and social workers.

You can find more information about Sickle Cell Disease on this web pages:

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Please email me and I will direct you to Sickle Cell Specialists.



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